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Family Commissions


I appreciate your desire to learn more about my photography & the family commissions I accept. Documentary photography is my specialty & I enjoy connecting with parents who want to capture the real inter-workings of their family life. You know, not just the “look pretty for the camera” stuff, but the “hey, this is who we are” & “this is what we do” stuff. Simply, you being YOU. I cherish the stolen, in-between moments among family members & believe the most moving images are the unscripted ones.

I’m a parent, too.

Do you notice a running theme among your family photos? Is someone always missing? Is that someone YOU because you’re the one behind the camera trying to capture your familiy’s memories? I know your situation. I’m a parent, too, and I understand that desire to have images that depict your family as a whole. Given my profession, I obviously spend more time behind the camera & at times have suffered from lack of inclusion. Don’t be caught in the same situation. Let me be the one to capture that special time for you. Whether it’s your daughter’s first birthday, your son’s first t-ball game, a trip to the zoo or county fair, or even just an ordinary day at home–I’ll glady be the one to document your time as a family unit.

Documentary Storytelling. For Real.

Ah, family. You gotta love family life, right? And what better way to capture your family dynamic than through documentary storytelling. I want future generations to see the images in your family album as timeless, authentic representations of you from that period of your life. You won’t see unnatural poses or trendy post-processing tricks. My art is about capturing found moments among the norm that is your family interaction. Relinquishing total control over light & location, my photography becomes more about the person(s), and moments(s) in front of the camera–& less about coordinating outfits, perfect light or an uncluttered background, so commonly found in portrait photography. Of course, I’ll glady capture a few portraits for posterity. I understand the value of a clean classic portrait & I’m happy to oblige. Just don’t expect anything too posed or contrived, it’s just not natural. The goal; I want you to look at the photos of your children & see their personality, not just their smile (or lack of!).

More than a hired professional, a family friend.

Successful documentary photography starts with establishing a solid relationship between photographer & client. I don’t want to be just a name & contact number in your address book. I want to be your friend. The kind of friend you’d call upon again to document other life events for you. Moments that only someone who really gets you, can capture in that authentic way. That type of relationship doesn’t just form out of thin air. It’s a result of getting to know each other beyond the business transaction. You can expect frequent contact from me in the time leading up to your commission. The more we communicate, the more we learn about each other, allowing me to see & capture the moments that speak to what your family dynamic is all about.

Exceptional customer service and attention. (I even have an award plaque to prove it!) 🙂

From your very first inquiry to the delivery of your final product, you’ll receive nothing but prompt, friendly and professional service. I believe that all of my clients deserve to feel like they’re my only client. I only accept a limited number of commissions each year, allowing me to give you the highly personalized experience that my photographic style is all about.

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